Monday, September 15th, 2014

Baby Names- Elizabeth

I was amazed when researching my last blog on names, how many names derive from Elizabeth. When ever we receive an order for a personalised blanket featuring the name Elizabeth we have to discuss the font we use for the embroidery. As the image of the name above shows, the ‘z’ looks a little odd, a bit like a ‘g’. This fancy traditional style of embroidery looks great for most names but any name with a ‘Z’ has to be changed to avoid disappointment.

The name Elizabeth has made a comeback recently especially as a middle name. An English name based on the hebrew Elisheba, meaning ‘oath of God’ or ‘God has sworn’. It was the name of John the Baptist’s mother and in 1600 one in five females born in England was named Elizabeth. Occasionally we embroider ‘Elisabeth’ with an ‘s’. Other variants, a welsh one is Bethan, shortened to Lib or Libby. Also Lisbeth, Liz, Liza, Lizzie and Tetty.

I was also amazed to find the following names derive from Elizabeth- Beth, Betsy(making a comeback), Betty, Eliza, Elsie, Elspeth and surprisingly Isabel!