Monday, September 15th, 2014

Baby Names- Flowers


My job at Mr Mole Blankets  involves embroidering the names of babies onto the blankets. I am always amazed at the wide range of names people choose to name their babies. The foreign names with accents are interesting and the Irish names that you have no idea how to pronounce like Niamh, pronounced Neve. I never tire of the changes in fashion of names often inspired by television and film. We have been embroidering names onto blankets for 14 years now and we have seen big changes but also other names are still as popular now as they were then, names like James, William, Joseph, Jack,Matthew, Jessica and Isabelle.

I noticed today how popular ‘Rose’ continues to be as a middle name for girls along with ‘Mae’. This made me think (since I’m just planning to re-plant a border in my garden) how many girls names are from flower names. The summer obviously inspires some pretty floral names.

Apparently ‘Daffodil’, an English name appeared at the end of the nineteenth century also shortened to Daff and Dilly. Other names popular at the moment are ‘Poppy’, ‘Lily’, ‘Daisy’, ‘Rose’, ‘Iris’ and ‘Violet’. Less popular names relating to flowers which we have embroidered onto blankets are ‘Bluebell’, ‘Dahlia’, ‘Petunia’,’Primrose’,’Hyacinth’ and ‘Tulip’.

So many pretty baby names, my concern is when the child grows up to be 18 will the name still be suitable!!!Daisy and Poppy 007 copy