Sunday, October 5th, 2014

Celebrating a Special Occasion

We were recently invited to a 100th Birthday Party, What do you buy for someone who is 100?

We thought long and hard, chocolates, booze, smellies, gift tokens!! In the end we decided to make her a personalised blanket in cream, a bit of a predictable gift from Mr and Mrs Mole but we wanted a gift that would be useful!

Happy 100th Birthday

She loved it, the blanket is over her knees most of the time, she said she really appreciated the gift as the blanket was cosy and warm but also light weight over her legs.

If like me you find a gift for a special occasion a difficult purchase think of a blanket!! So useful over the back of the sofa to use for the night in front of the tv, in the car for long journeys or as a picnic blanket in the summer, a blanket can be so useful.

Any decade Birthday, Anniversaries, Weddings, Retirement, Students going off to Uni, our Message Blankets are suitable for any occasion or any message. Recently we made a blanket for a student who was regularly hung over and liked to snuggle up in a blanket when feeling rough!! It read ‘ Lydia’s Hangover Blanket’.

personalised number plate blanket

We can embroider almost any message onto a blanket to make a really unique gift for any age, it can include names, nicknames, dates, occasions, text talk, number plates or coded messages, why don’t you have a go at creating a message, you have 40 characters to create one of your choice.