Monday, September 15th, 2014

Cream Tea with Mary Berry

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I have just had a very satisfying weekend!! Saturday morning was the usual rush around between ballroom dancing sessions (for my youngest), the supermarket and kayaking lessons (for the eldest). Clad in mens sexy wellies I ventured outside and continued digging out my compost bins. The garden is now covered in well rotted compost. I also enjojed digging out old and replanting new, good for the soul!! It made me realise how many plant and flower names we use for babies names. Names like Rose, Rosemary, Daisy, Poppy, Petunia,Cherry, Lily, Iris, Daphne, Violet and Blossom. Why are they mostly for girls and not boys. I don’t suppose you get masculine looking flowers! That’s a challenge for me to find some boys names relating to the garden. Anyway  that was Saturday, a blissful day in the garden. Sunday my daughter, son and husband all went off for the day to a kayaking challenge (1st time) so again I had the day to myself. A very rare event. I decided I would serve afternoon tea for 20 friends and relatives!! I love afternoon tea but it seems to be a dying trend. I set too reading Mary Berrys cookery book. (The name Mary means ‘to swell’ as in the Virgin Mary!!) Anyway it was very true as my scones, Cherry and Almond trabakes, Coffee and Walnut traybakes, Victoria Sponge all ‘swelled’ with great success. I had a lovely time baking and making triangular shaped sandwiches filled with ham, egg, beef or cheese, proper little tea party it was with doylies and all. I’m sure all those lovely cakes are not allowed  on my diet but I was dead chuffed last night when I still managed to lose 2 pounds at the weigh in!!