Monday, October 13th, 2014

Granny Mole- Gift Wrapping


A few years ago we started a Gift Wrapping service for our personalised blankets. Many of the blankets that were ordered were being sent as gifts so a wrapping service seemed to be an important service that some customers would appreciate.

We visited various trade shows that offered a wide array of gift cards, gift wrap and associated products. Eventually we chose a supplier called Alex Clarke, she was an artist offering a lovely range of cards and papers, her designs were lovely. We enjoyed using her papers for a few years with co-ordinating gift cards.

Although the gift wrap looked very nice we yearned for a more branded look, a gift wrap that co-ordinated with our Mr Mole logo and slightly more impressive with curled ribbon. We hunted high and low for a checked paper in cream and beige to match Mr Mole’s waistcoat but unfortunately we were not in luck!! I knew exactly what I wanted, a soft design, preferably in watercolours, a neutral background for the pink or blue ribbons that  would go over the top of the paper.

After a year of searching Granny Mole came to our aid!! Granny Mole used to be an art teacher at  the local Primary School, now retired she set too painting my desired design onto a piece of A5 watercolour paper. The finished design was great, a touch too strong in colour but by the time the graphic designers had played around with it, lightened and knocked back the design to the required colour and saturation it was perfect.

We found a local company that could print large sheets of quality paper and without the usual trimming it was the perfect size for gift wrap, we also had the Mole logo designed into gift tags for a lovely branded look. Curling ribbon was bought in a variety of colours and we played around with different combinations, four colours are used. around 7 metres of ribbon for each gift wrap.


giftwrapping (2) 900

gift label


The new gift wrap was born!!  20.000 sheets of wrapping paper were printed and we were very happy with the finished result, and we were all very happy that Granny Mole had helped us out!!!! Thanks Granny Mole xxxxx