Tuesday, September 30th, 2014

Mole Sauce!!

Mole Sauce

Fancy some Mole sauce for your supper tonight?

I discovered Mole sauce at Waitrose, I was looking for Mango Chutney and came across it!

What was it?

Was it made from Moles?

Being inquisitive I bought a jar to take home.

Mole Sauce

Dark with Chocolate

Rich with Chipotle

Well, that’s what it said on the jar!! Was it a desert sauce or was it savoury!

On returning home I discovered it was a spicy paste to add to chili or fajitas, it was full of paprica, garlic, onion, chipotle and chocolate.

That evening we made fajitas, I fried an onion, a red and yellow pepper and added diced chicken. Next a big tablespoon of of Mole sauce was stirred in, we spooned the mixture into warmed tortilla wraps and devoured them!!

The Mole sauce added a gutsy, deep spicy flavour without the heat, I would definately recommend Mole sauce for a fajita meal especially since it’s not made from a single Mole!!!