Monday, September 15th, 2014

Mr Mole


Last Sunday I was on the North Yorkshire Moors walking and was saddened to see dozens of dead moles hanging from a length of barbed wire. The trophies of a Mole catcher!! Apparently a farmer was telling me that was the way a Mole Catcher advertised his skills, he showed off his catches to all the farmers in the surrounding area so they would also use him to catch their pesky moles. I feel sorry for the Moles, why are they hunted in such a way, I know they make annoying molehills everywhere but the death penalty for that seems slightly harsh!!

When we named our business Mr Mole Blankets it was because our blankets are soft and feel like moles skin. Mole skin is velvety, it lies backwards or forwards so that the moles don’t become stuck against the tunnel walls when squeezing through them. In the UK we generally think of the Wind in the Willows, Ratty,, Mr Toad, Otter and Mr Mole  when we talk about Moles but in other countries they see them as vermin ,like we do about rats! What a shame, I love them except when they bite through the end of my finger!

A male mole is called a ‘Boar’, a female a ‘Sow’ and a group of moles is called a ‘Labour’. And…………….. I’ve just found a few reasons why Moles are good to have around. They eat many pests which are harmful to crop roots and their tunnelling helps to aerate the soil which is especially good in waterlogged areas

Moles are still killed, usually by poison, they are not as common as they used to be, probably due to agricultural practices changing over the years. Hedge and pasture reduction has deprived moles of habitat and pesticides have killed many of the soil animals they rely on for food.

Let’s hope Mr Mole and all his mates (Ratty, Mr Toad and Otter) continue to live long and prosper!!!