Thursday, September 25th, 2014

Our Mr Mole Blanket Models !

boys blog 640

Since we set up Mr Mole Blankets back in 2001 we have been very lucky to have had so many gorgeous babies to photograph.

Our son was born in 2000, he was along with all the other babies in our antenatal group the first models for our personalised blankets. There was William, Aidan, Joel, Alexander just look at them now!! Gorgeous young men !

groupboys blog 640


Since then whenever the opportunity arises, a friend has a baby or even a friend of a friend we ask for a photoshoot, we just love photographing babies!

Last year I was lucky enough enough to meet Poppy and Daisy. They were being pushed past our workshop one morning by their mum, they looked so cute on their wooly hats and gloves, I ran out and asked if I could photograph them and now they are the faces of Mr Mole Blankets, all over the web site, brochures and now our van.

Thankyou to all our models past and present xx