Wednesday, November 5th, 2014

Recipe of the Month- October- Prize Pumpkin

prize pumpkin

I had to just share this recipe with you, a friend cooked this last weekend and it was absoloutley delicious. I love buying Pumpkins for the children and making scary Pumpkin faces before going out trick and treating at Halloween. Great fun but I always feel slightly guilty throwing away the pumpkin after not making anything edible from it!!

This recipe was fabulous, a spicy chicken dish flavored with cardamon and ginger, the spices soak into the pumpkin flesh during cooking and when served you get a big spoon of curry along with a scoop of soft velvety spiced pumpkin flesh.

prize pumpkin

How to Make Prize Pumpkin!!

Make a lid in the top of your pumpkin and scoop out the flesh and seeds in the centre of the pumpkin to create a cooking pot!! Put the pumpkin in a deep roasting tin.

Make the curry-Cut 3 inches of fresh ginger into thin slices,extract the seeds from 8 cardamon pods and grind them in a pestal and mortar. Chop 2 green chillies and 8 chicken breasts.

Melt 2oz of butter and add a pound of chopped onions and 6 sliced garlic cloves, stir until soft and then add the ginger, cardamon seeds and chopped chillies.

Next stir in the chopped chicken and 4oz of button mushrooms, when everything is coated in butter add 2oz of plain flour and work it in then add 3/4pint of milk and season with salt. Bring to to the boil and when thickened pour into the pumpkin.

Wipe the outside of the pumpkin with sunflower oil and then pop into the oven 180 degrees for around  90 minutes.

A fab dish for a Halloween supper!!