Sunday, September 28th, 2014

The Mr Mole Blankets Van

mr mole blankets van

mr mole blankets van


Eighteen months ago we exchanged our old Fiat van for a new one. The idea was to sign write the van with a big picture of a baby like the last one. The last van had had a photograph of our baby daughter dressed as a boy and named Andrew Jack!!  It didn’t go down well too well with her when she started school!!!

The new van was longer so I felt a longer image would be more suitable, almost like babies looking out of windows on a bus!


mr mole van back

Poppy and Daisy came to my rescue, I met the baby twins who were being pushed past our workshop in their pram last year. I rushed out and asked their mum if I could photograph the twins. Over the summer we organised a few photo shoots and the girls were amazing. The images are now being used on our new web site, on brochures and all over the van!

Poppy and Daisy ‘The Faces of Mr Mole’


baby banner


If you see us in our Mr Mole Van, give us a wave xx