Meet the Team at Mr Mole

Pete_500Meet Pete (Mr Mole)
Pete is usually to be found in his Molehole! (the office) Pete is the computer man taking care of orders, enquiries and questions. He also helps with embroidery and despatch but is also happy to help anyone with any job (except sewing!) The office is the ‘Hub’ of the Mr Mole workshop where we also dream up new designs and colour schemes, blog, tweet and post on Facebook.

Meet Naomi (Mrs Mole)Naomi_500
Naomi is a ‘Jack of all trades’ never sure where to find her! She could be in the office designing, she could be in the studio doing a photo shoot, on a sewing machine making blankets or in the cutting room cutting out the blankets. Life is never dull with such a variety of jobs!

Stacey_500Meet Stacey
Stacey is one of our highly skilled machinists. Our blankets are all bound by hand, no binders or attachments are used. Firstly we sew the trim onto the back of the blanket and then the process is repeated turning the trim over to the front of the blanket and top stitched. This process of binding takes much longer than conventional methods but gives a much softer finish which is ideal as many of our blankets are for new baby gifts. All the blankets, towels, changing mats, shawls, Christmas stockings and sacks are made by Stacey and the team of machinists at the Mr Mole workshop in Yorkshire.

Meet Karen
Karen has now been with us for 24 years, Karen is a ‘swinger’!! That’s what we call in the sewing trade a very versatile person! Karen can cut, press, inspect, pack and despatch which is very handy during busy periods. Here Karen is pressing with a damp cloth to protecKaren_500t the blankets from the heat and the steam but also to give a smooth and flattened finish to the binding.

Julie_500Meet Julie
Julie is our embroidery Queen! After inspection and pressing the blankets go downstairs to be embroidered with names, dates, messages or company logos. Julie programmes the computer with the required embroidery details and then transfers the information to the embroidery machines, the design is then sewn onto the blanket.

Meet Karen again!
When Karen has a spare moment she runs downstairs to pack the blankets. The blankets are folded and a Mr Mole sash is placed across the corner of the blanket, they are then packed in a glossy cellophane bag. If customers have asked for gift wrapping Karen also does this. The gift wrap was designed and painted by Grandma Mole, Naomi’s mother Gill is an artist and took the design from the Moles checked waistcoat. Gill painted the design in watercolours which was then scanned and printed into sheets of gift wrap. Karen then finishes the gift wrapping with ribbons and a Mr Mole gift tag which will be hand written with the customers desired message.

June_Packing_500Meet June
Jolly June is in our despatch department. After packing and gift wrapping June Our_Lovely_Ladies_500receives the blankets along with the Royal Mail postage labels. June packs the blankets into our branded Mr Mole boxes and places them in sacks ready for collection.

From Pete receiving the order to June placing the boxed blanket in the Royal Mail sack usually takes between 5 – 48 working hours. We always try to make orders for posting the same day but at busy periods it can take a little longer. We hope you have enjoyed meeting the Team.